In which parts of Melbourne do you operate?

Check out the Melbourne Operational Zones.

We operate all over Melbourne, however there are a few differences in the subscription depending on where you live.

For customers who live within 25km of our shop, we include:

  • free delivery at the start of each subscription and pickup at the end.
  • free on-site servicing, where we make minor repairs at your house, while you wait.
  • free delivery and pickup for any service that needs to be completed at our shop.

For customers who live between 25 and 40km from our shop, all of the above is included, however for each trip to your house we will charge a $60 fee. You are always welcome to bring your bike to our shop for free servicing with no fees.

And for those who are beyond 40km from our shop in Melbourne, you may still able to get a subscription, however there are a couple of differences:

  • we will quote a price for deliveries and pickups based on where you live.
  • we do not offer on site servicing.
  • we will need you to bring your bike to our shop at least once a year for regular maintenance.
  • bike and accessory swaps will be completed at our shop.

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