Why should I get a subscription instead of just buying a bike?

We designed our subscription to be the best way to start riding and keep riding an eBike.

Our subscription is a simple way to see if doing more of your life on an eBike works for you. We can usually get you riding in a few days.

The subscription is good value – Lug+Carrie’s eBikes are top quality, from the tyres to the brakes to the batteries.

A subscription is also more flexible than owning a bike, because life changes and your needs might change. You can swap accessories, upgrade, downsize or give the bike back.

You can even buy your bike, if you fall in love. It happens…

You’ll never pay for service, and our team can come to you for most repairs.

Insurance, locks and alarms are costly but necessary items that don’t usually appear in the purchase price of a bicycle, but with a subscription you need not worry, because those things are included as well.

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