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Your team registration has been received.

In the next 48 hours, one of our team members will reach out to you and your team members. Please don’t forget to give your team a heads-up that we’ll be getting in touch.

Want to learn more about the perks you’ll receive as a Lug+Carrie subscriber? Check out our Subscription Perks page. 

Good Mover FAQs

What's in the fine print?

50% off for 2 months if you start with two or more of your friends (3 total) after 3 months you are eligible for a 10% discount for the following 12 months.  

Normal subscription T&C applies, plus the following;

  • When 3 – 8 people start a subscription as a group through the Good Mover platform, they will all receive 50% off for two months.
  • All participants of a Good Mover group must schedule delivery of all of their bikes within 4 weeks of signing up as a group.
  • After 3 months of the last delivery of the group, and if at least 3 members are still active subscribers, a 10% discount will be available to the group for the following 12 months.
  • An email will be sent at the 3-month mark to remind the participants to apply for the 12-month discount.
  • Existing customers cannot start a group, they have the normal referral opportunity.
  • Once a group has started their subscriptions no further members can be added.
  • Group memberships cannot be transferred to another customer.
  • Returning customers can start a group. 
    Swapping bikes and accessories according to the normal T&Cs is permissible and will not affect the terms of the Good Mover group.
  • Purchasing your bike within the 10% discount period will not affect the terms of the Good Mover group for the remaining subscribers.
  • The 10% discount only applies to subscription payments, not purchase pricing. 
  • Nonpayments 14 days from one late payment lose the group discount.

Normal T&Cs apply
How many friends can I bring?

You must assemble a squad with at least 3 members, including yourself, but don’t go overboard and summon the Avengers – keep it to a maximum of 8 in your gang. We want a team, not a circus!

I’m an existing customer can I start a team?

This deal’s exclusively for the newcomers, but don’t fret. If you refer a friend, you’ll get a week for free, and they’ll get 2 weeks for free, on us. 

Can I add people to my team as I go?

No, so make sure you’re all ready to go today!

Can I swap bikes and accessories as a Good Mover just like a regular subscriber?

Sure thing! Feel free to mix and match your Lug+Carrie combo if you think you haven’t quite found the perfect fit or your needs change. 

Can my payments still contribute towards the purchase price and I can purchase after 6 months?

Absolutely. If you love your Lug+Carrie and want to buy it after 6 months, you can! Your subscription payments contribute to the balloon price of your bike. Conditions apply.

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