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Help us get more people riding by bringing your friends, and we’ll give you all 50% off for 2 months!​

Get 50% off when you join with friends!​

How it works

Join with two or more friends and we’ll reward you all with 50% off your first two months. 

Keep riding for more than 3 months and we’ll give you 10% off for the next year!

Johanne dinking Joel on a Lug+Carrie ecargo bike. on the streets on Brisbane It's an easy way to get around the city. Dinkin' on a Lug+Carrie electric bike available in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane

How to join Good Movers

  1. Gather your friends,
  2. Come up with a catchy team name,
  3. Fill in all your team members details
  4. Customise your Lug+Carrie.
  5. Get moving!

Register your team and claim 50% for 2 months

Enter your team’s details to claim the offer and a Lug+Carrie team member will be in touch.  T&Cs apply

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Good Mover FAQs

What's in the fine print?

50% off for 2 months if you start with two or more of your friends (3 total) after 3 months you are eligible for a 10% discount for the following 12 months.  

Normal subscription T&C applies, plus the following;

  • When 3 – 8 people start a subscription as a group through the Good Mover platform, they will all receive 50% off for two months.
  • All participants of a Good Mover group must schedule delivery of all of their bikes within 4 weeks of signing up as a group.
  • After 3 months of the last delivery of the group, and if at least 3 members are still active subscribers, a 10% discount will be available to the group for the following 12 months.
  • An email will be sent at the 3-month mark to remind the participants to apply for the 12-month discount.
  • Existing customers cannot start a group, they have the normal referral opportunity.
  • Once a group has started their subscriptions no further members can be added.
  • Group memberships cannot be transferred to another customer.
  • Returning customers can start a group. 
    Swapping bikes and accessories according to the normal T&Cs is permissible and will not affect the terms of the Good Mover group.
  • Purchasing your bike within the 10% discount period will not affect the terms of the Good Mover group for the remaining subscribers.
  • The 10% discount only applies to subscription payments, not purchase pricing. 
  • Nonpayments 14 days from one late payment lose the group discount.

Normal T&Cs apply
How many friends can I bring?

You must assemble a squad with at least 3 members, including yourself, but don’t go overboard and summon the Avengers – keep it to a maximum of 8 in your gang. We want a team, not a circus!

I’m an existing customer can I start a team?

This deal’s exclusively for the newcomers, but don’t fret. If you refer a friend, you’ll get a week for free, and they’ll get 2 weeks for free, on us. 

Can I add people to my team as I go?

No, so make sure you’re all ready to go today!

Can I swap bikes and accessories as a Good Mover just like a regular subscriber?

Sure thing! Feel free to mix and match your Lug+Carrie combo if you think you haven’t quite found the perfect fit or your needs change. 

Can my payments still contribute towards the purchase price and I can purchase after 6 months?

Absolutely. If you love your Lug+Carrie and want to buy it after 6 months, you can! Your subscription payments contribute to the balloon price of your bike. Conditions apply.

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