Why and how women are leading the way with electric bikes

SXSW Conversations


When we heard SXSW was heading to Sydney, we knew we wanted to be part of it.

What excited us was the opportunity to reach an audience outside of the typical bicycle world. Piggybacking off the technology side of the conference, we were able to share our story and learnings with people we would not usually reach. People who had not considered bicycles before, just like many of our customers.

Tom Tilley led the panel of:

  • Anna Paula Brito – Uber Head of sustainability, strategy and Planning – Mobility ANZ
  • Jess Miller – A new normal Sydney Collectibe Impact and Communications strategist.
  • Benjamin Carr – Lug+carrie co-founder


Driving Change – Why women choose (electric) bikes over (electric) cars


The panel description:

“While electric cars are taking over our streets, many start questioning the actual change they will bring to cities that have been overrun by cars and struggle from high traffic, dissected and unlivable neighbourhoods, and noise and air pollution.

At the same time, e-bikes have been quietly taking over our bike industry in Australia and are offering a mobility solution to those, who are not the traditional lycra bikers. Women and mothers in particular have become the driving force in a large-scale mobility shift that really drives change – away from cars to electric (cargo) bikes that allow them and their families to travel in a way that’s fun, sustainable and car-free.

Hearing why and how women are leading the way in the shift away from cars and car ownership, and towards electric bikes was inspiring.”


How did it go?


Jess Miller highlighted the less spoken-about reasons e-bikes work and why people don’t ride. Hills, end-of-trip facilities, protected bike lanes, and helmet hair were just a few. Sharing the importance of all the solutions lining up for people to shift to riding bikes, ultimately, there is no silver bullet.

Anna Brito shared insights from Uber Carshare One Less Car Trial and the costs of car ownership. There is a disconnect between what people think their car costs vs what it actually does, and even when people find out, they don’t want to believe the cost.

Benjamin Carr shared insights from Lug+carrie, focusing on how people want to normalise riding in communities and not be considered a cyclist, brave, fitness keeno, or a greeny at the school drop-off. They’re just getting their jobs done in the way that works best for them.



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