Quick Haul.
Simply Capable.

Affordable. Simple. Powerful.
Everyday practicality to turn everyday chores into mini adventures.

Quick Haul.
Simply Capable.

Affordable. Simple. Powerful.
Everyday practicality to turn everyday chores into mini adventures.

Meet the Quick Haul

Carry precious cargo x1 or up to 150kg
20+ accessories for carrying cargo and kids
Bosch battery range of up to 100km
Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor with +300% support and 65 Nm of torque
Built-in 120 lumen headlight to light up your life
Ultra-low standover height makes mounting and dismounting safer and easier (plus, it’s wardrobe-friendly)

Tern. Only The Best.

Lug+Carrie uses only award-winning Tern eBikes.

They’re fully customisable with a modular design to fit seats, bags, and racks to suit any lifestyle. Tern’s bikes meet international electrical and load carrying standards that many competitors don’t.

The image shows the Quick Haul eBike from Lug+Carrie with text overlay that reads "Affordable. Simple. Powerful. Everyday practicality to turn everyday chores into mini adventures." The bike has a sturdy frame, a rear cargo rack with panniers, and is equipped with an electric pedal-assist system. The background is a gradient of blue and green, suggesting a natural and outdoor environment. The text promotes the Quick Haul eBike as an affordable and simple solution for everyday practicality, such as running errands or commuting, that can be transformed into mini adventures. It emphasizes the bike's powerful electric pedal-assist system, which makes cycling easier and more accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels. The image conveys the practicality and versatility of the Quick Haul eBike, as well as the sense of freedom and adventure that cycling can provide.

Going The Extra Mile To Keep Our Customers Safe

Lug+Carrie eBikes meet the highest of safety standards, without cutting corners.

Tern meet the highest levels of safety standards, without cutting corners.

UL is a safety standard that requires strict testing to prevent incidents from electrical, mechanical and fire hazards.

Using Bosch battery safety standards to protect your family and property.

Certified to safely start, stop and carry up to 200kg of precious cargo.

Minimal Features. Maximum quality.

The minimalist features and traditional riding position of the Quick Haul mean it’s a familiar experience for anyone that hasn’t been on a bike in a while, and nimble enough that absolutely anyone can get riding regardless of experience or ability.

5 star reviews

Over 1,000 customers have made the decision to leave the car at home more often, most of them new to riding and carrying children.

See what they have to say about their Lug+Carrie.

Shaun O’Keefe


Hiring our GSD from Lug and Carrie has been life-changing. Their service and support has been amazing. The bike is great and any time we needed something checked out or wanted some advice they’ve been super responsive and helpful.

Elisabeth Dunn

Great service

Great service, very responsive and easy to deal with. I love getting to try the Ebike without committing to purchase and to see whether it’s right for my family & our lifestyle. And my 3 year old loves our GSD! 🙂


Tom Keddie

Transformed my daily commute

Loving my Tern GSD from Lug & Carrie – it’s transformed my daily commute into a relaxing riverside ride! Kids love it too, a great way to get to school & childcare but also plenty of space if we need to carry some stuff with us.

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